10,000 Filaments

for Flute, Viola, and Piano








Program Note:

10,000 Filaments was composed for the Music10 Festival held in Blonay, Switzerland in 2010. Written for eighth blackbird flutist Timothy Munro, I was definitely under pressure to compose a piece I was proud of in a short amount of time. While constantly thinking about the music, I would frequently wake myself up in the middle of the night (whether I was wishing to or not), and scribble down any ideas or motives that would pop into my head. Wishing to find the best form, melody, rhythms, or any other musical element I could come up with, I was reminded of Thomas Edison’s effort to make the light bulb in which he claimed he had to try 10,000 different filaments before discovering the right one. By tinkering with different characters and styles, the freely meditative beginning, the lively and kinetic middle section, and the end that combines each mood as they fade away like a pervasive thought that lulls you to sleep, I created a piece that I think represented my restless but excited state of mind at the time: desperate for a clear mind and well-rested thoughts, but beyond excited for the upcoming collaboration. (2010)


Michael Matsuno, flute; Jason Karlyn, viola; Thomas Kotcheff, piano