and it's spring when the world is puddle-wonderful

Concerto for left-hand piano and orchestra

Program Note:


I have always loved e. e. cummings’ poem in Just-, which speaks of children playing hopscotch and jump-rope and uses delightful words like “puddle-wonderful” or “mudlicious:” I just never knew how I would incorporate it into my composition. After composing this left-handed piano concerto, I envisioned the slower, more lyrical parts as representing spring and the pastel colors I associate with the season, as well as the simple elegance its sense of optimism brings. In the faster more punctuated section of the piece, I could see children jumping from puddle to puddle in the rain left from April’s showers, splashing their way down a street with each piano interjection or brass splash in the orchestra. Suddenly, this line from e. e. cummings’ poem, “and its spring when the world is puddle-wonderful,” just seemed to fit. (2010)


Sarah Gibson, piano; USC Thornton Symphony; Donald Crockett, conductor