love fear pleasure lust pain glamour death

For a full recording, please go to: https://soundcloud.com/sarahegibson/sets/celebrity-love-fear-pleasure

Program Note:

In August of 2010, I visited an exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum titled love fear pleasure lust pain glamour death, which offered a selection of Andy Warhol’s media works. Displaying Warhol’s Polaroids, photobooth strips, screen tests, and sewn photographs of himself and other celebrities/friends, these works expressed the artist’s fascination with all things ephemeral (beauty, youth, celebrity status). Warhol’s obsession with his own identity and fame also crept through this display in an eerie yet glitzy manner.

Initially, I found these seven words intriguing in their own right, especially when associated with what I deemed to be Andy Warhol’s point of view. They seemed like a sort of twisted and juxtaposed seven deadly sins that I could play with emotionally and musically as a tribute to this complicated artist. Over the two years I worked on this piece, though, a few of the words became quite poignant with certain events going on in my own life. Suddenly, writing this piece became both a challenge and a sort of therapy for my own well-being. In the end, I still imagine this music as my take on Warhol’s perspective of these words, but with an added personal affinity to the movements that specifically affected my state of mind at the time. (2013)


USC Chamber Ensemble; Sarah Gibson, conductor