for Clarinet in Bb, Viola, and Piano


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Program Note:

In North Georgia, there is a family-style restaurant where my family and I would often go named “The Smith House.” Here you’d pass up and down the table big ol’ plates of fried chicken, baked ham, turkey, roast beef, and all the fixins. You may be able to tell what “fixins” are, but for those of you Yankees or west-coasters, fixins are anything from side dishes such as squash casserole or biscuits to ingredients to make Nana’s homemade peach pie. When writing fixins, I tried to focus on just one or two motives or melodies for each movement so as not to overload the listener with too many ideas. I view each movement as a separate fixin that, when combined, makes an entire home-cooked meal. (2009)


Ken Graves, clarinet; Alejandro Duque, viola; Sarah Gibson, piano