Arson for soprano and piano







Program Note: 

The initial collaboration for this song cycle began in the spring of 2010 during Frank Ticheli and David St. John’s Writer/Composer class at USC. Here I met poet Jackson Bliss and was immediately drawn to his sensual and romantic poetry. Fast forward a few months, summer of 2010, and I then meet soprano Lindsay Kesselman at a summer music festival and am exposed to an incredible musician and friend. After that summer, Lindsay soon approached me about composing a song cycle for her to be used for her upcoming album. Knowing Lindsay’s ability to passionately perform, illuminate poetry/text, and sing anything put in front of her to the highest degree, I immediately knew I wanted to use Jackson’s poetry for our collaboration. Depicting the dark but sexy and sultry tone of Bliss’ Arson, the piano part acts as part of the drama to the dramatic scope of the text and all movements are played attacca. (2012)


Lindsay Kesselman, soprano; Christopher Lees, piano; Jackson Bliss, poet

Released by Bad Wolf Music Group