Barcelona for mezzo-soprano, horn, and piano


Performance by Victoria Fox (mezzo-soprano), Matthew Otto (horn), and Sarah Gibson (piano)


The Barcelona Inside Me

Give me, again, the fairy tale grotto
with the portico-vaulting overhead.
Let me walk beneath the canted columns

of Gaudí’s rookery, spiral
along his crenelated Jerusalem
of broken tiles, crazy shields.
Yes, it’s hot as hell and full
of tourists at the double helix,
but the anarchists now occupy
the Food Court, and the arcadian dream

for the working class includes this shady

colonnade cut into the mountainside.

I’ve postponed my allegiance to
the tiny house movement, to the 450

square feet of simple, American maple

infrastructure and the roomy
mind suspended like a hammock

between joists. Serpents and castle

keeps shimmer, and a mosaic invitation

to the Confectionery gets me a free
café con leche on the La Rambla,

where honeycombed apartments bend

on chiseled stone and host
floating, wrought-iron balconies.
I think I’ll move into Gaudí’s dream

of recycled mesh, walk barefoot

on his flagstone tiles

inscribed with seaweed

and sacred graffiti

from pagan tombs.

O, Barcelona of chamfered corners!

And chimneys of cowled
warriors! From Gaudí’s Book
of Revelations, I invite the goblet

and the stone Mobius strip

to a tapas of grilled prawns and squid.

Gaudí’s book of Revelations.

-Robin Becker