Follow the Crumbs Out of the Woods

for Woodwind Quintet and Piano












Program Note:

From a young age, we are told the Brothers Grimm story of Hansel and Gretel. After being lead into the middle of the forest to die (per their step-mother’s wish), these two children had craftily left a trail of breadcrumbs behind them hoping that would help them find their way back home the following morning in order to outsmart their cruel stepmother. But, as these two young children discovered, finding their path home was not as simple as just following this trail: at dawn, much to their dismay, they realized birds had eaten the crumbs and that they were lost. Later, following a twist with a cannibalistic witch that held them captive, and a subsequent creative escape, they finally were able to return home after many trials and tribulations. Throughout life, one is almost always on a search for something and must concoct plans and scenarios in order to escape what may be chasing them. Whether it is a search to find your way home, a search for one’s self, a religious search, or various other types of personal quests, there will almost never be a solution as simple as following crumbs. This piece is meant to represent whatever sort of personal journey the listener and/or performer may currently be battling and the type of emotional turmoil one goes through during the process. Although it is not always a positive experience, in my opinion, it is always nice to know that most everyone is on or has been on the same page as you, searching for something, and hoping to be out of the woods before too long. (2012)


Michael Matsuno, flute; Aki Nishiguchi, oboe; Eric Jacobs, clarinet; Steve McQueen, bassoon; JG Miller, horn; Dzovig Markarian, piano