Can't Never Could

Orchestra & Large Ensemble



Orchestra & Large Ensemble


Two Pianos & Orchestra (4444, 4431, timp, 5perc, 2harp, cel, strings)



commissioned by

the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra, Jerry Hou, Music Director, a division of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Nathalie Stutzmann, Music Director.

premiered by

HOCKET & The Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra

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Can’t Never Could is a fantasy for two pianos and orchestra. As an alumna of the Atlanta
Symphony Youth Orchestra—I was the orchestral pianist—I had a blast thinking about
what sort of orchestral colors, techniques, or ideas would have excited me as a young
composer sitting in the middle of an orchestra during rehearsals and performances. WIth
this in mind, I decided to give each instrumental family a virtuosic section which
challenges what one might normally do in traditional repertoire. These changes in
orchestration trigger the changes in form as the duo pianists (my piano duo, HOCKET)
interact in fantastical flourishes around the orchestral material.