for Soprano, Alto Flute, and Cello


Program Note:

When soprano/poet Sophie Wingland came to me with the idea of collaborating on a text she herself wrote, I jumped at the opportunity. Being able to express each other's feelings through a mutual and equal cooperation and collaboration and to constantly refer to each other for interpretational and inspirational ideas, this project was a collaborative joy from day one. Working with Sophie's expressive and sensual text, I chose this instrumentation to depict a sultry and somewhat primitive color. By weaving in and out of contrapuntal lines, exposed unison passages, homorhythmic sections, rhythmically contrasting figures, and an eventual combination of all of these aspects (plus more!), I hope to portray the essence of Sophie's last poem, in which the first two poems' lines are merged together. (2011)


Lindsay Kesselman, soprano; Michael Matsuno, flute; Michael Kaufman, cello; Sophie Wingland, text