Arson for Soprano and Piano (2012)

text: Jackson Bliss

Performance on Gibson’s Doctoral recital in November 2012

Recorded on Lindsay Kesselman’s debut album "If this world could stop"






Woven for alto flute, cello, and soprano (August 2011) 5 mins.

text: Sophie Wingland

Performance by Lindsay Kesselman, soprano; Michael Matsuno, flute; Michael Kaufman, cello






Meditations While Running in Place (2010) 5 mins.

Text: Elizabeth Wilcox

I.  Morning

II.  Based on a True Story

III.  In the Bedroom

IV.  Missive

V.  Levity

Performance at Masters Composition recital, March 2010 at USC.


Songs from My Childhood for Soprano and Piano; text: Eugene Fields (2008) 7 mins.

  • Wynken, Blynken, and Nod

  • The Sugar Plum Tree

  • The Duel

Performance on Indiana University’s Composition Recital in April, 2008


Dust for Baritone, oboe, and cello; text: Richard Aldington (2005) 4 1/2 mins.

1. Prelude

2. Epiloge

3. Images

-Performed: IU Composition Department Recital, March, 2006

       Gibson Senior Recital, October, 2007


Gone From My Sight for a cappella choir; text: Henry van Dyke (2005) 3 1/2 mins.

-Performed: IU Composition Department Recital, April, 2005


Arson - Lindsay Kesselman, soprano; Sarah Gibson, piano
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Woven - Sophie Wingland, soprano; Michael Matsuno, flute; Michael Kaufman, cello
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