Talking to the Time for Orchestra

Talking to the Time was chosen for the 25th American Composers Orchestra Underwood New Music Readings; George Manahan, conductor. To hear an excerpt and to see the score, please click here to visit the Earshot archive.

For a full recording, please listen below:


Performance by the USC Symphony; Donald Crockett, conductor

Talking to the Time was chosen as a winner of the 2016 USC New Music for Orchestra Concert.

Program Note:

If one were to ask my grandmother to talk about her life, she’d choose to narrate it by walking through her home telling the story of how she and my grandfather found each antique, trinket, and piece of furniture that completes their life together. One piece she particularly treasures is her grandfather clock; and an especially meaningful moment in my life was when she asked my husband to wind the clock for her, as I had seen my grandfather do countless times before. Talking to the Time introduces motives and melodies throughout the piece that build upon each other the way one tells a story. Each new melody or section has come from something that has previously occurred as it develops further into the piece. Just as my grandmother walks through her house telling her life story, each piece inspiring a different chapter, so too does this music continuously build on its own narrative.

I died happy in my sleep…
Our children around and you looking down
from heaven's a julep on the porch…
You and me rocking the grandfather clock is tick tick talking
to the time we used to wind it

-Punch Brothers